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Re: Updates, on the kids.
Posted by: Jon M (IP Logged)
Date: October 31, 2017 09:14AM

The male 100% het king I bought from Don Church is still chugging along well and breeding his girl. Haven't dug anything up from her for a long while, I had some eggs go close to term and die (my fault, had to move the incubator). I thought one was a leucistic, but I'm thinking now it was just underdeveloped. I have a good feeling the girl I have isn't a het so I didn't want to make more normals to test again quite yet.

I'll be in Tuscon in November Frank, if you'd like I can bring the boy down and we can switch out so you can try him out on the other girls you've got. Surely we'll get lucky with some of those possible het girls.
I had a lead on a pair of young gilleni, but it fell through last minute. The hunt is still on.

Let me know Frank, I'm down there nov.10 weekend.


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