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Re: For JB and Josh.
Posted by: JOSHKING (IP Logged)
Date: November 01, 2017 09:18AM

My female has been eating like crazy. She loves the deer I got Iíve been feeding her. Feeding and basking a lot. She was avoiding the male for the first couple days. Maybe 3 days total. Now they are back to their usual selves. Generally together. She does keep him at bay from her hide where she laid the eggs in the corner of. If he gets too close she lets him know. He always likes to stick his head in there as if to say come out and play and Iíve noticed 2 times that he sticks it in there and pulls it back quickly as if sheís giving him a nip or something. Itís pretty comical really. But they she always follows him out and they get in the water or she goes up to bask and then the water. One or the other. Then they love just laying on the big logs leading up to the basking area. Thereís a basking area also on the other side of the enclosure up a little higher that he canít get too. Just too big. But she usually doesnít use as sheís usually either laying where he is or on top of him. But I have seen her use that one in the last few days. Itís about 10-15 degrees cooler than the other one. Got the heat on in the building. Generally itís aroind 73-76 degrees in there. Sometimes a bit cooler first thing in the morn but not bad being that itís been below freezing at night for at least a week now. Burrr. But thatís what sheís been up to. Really eating quite a bit. I would be worried about overfeeding her but she obviously is needing it or she wouldnít take it. Of course he will eat anytime anywhere anything. But I only feed him 2-3 times a week and not very big meals. Heís been on a diet sort of. Any other questions just let me know. Happy to share.

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