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Re: For JB and Josh.
Posted by: FR (IP Logged)
Date: November 01, 2017 10:28AM

Meat is not a good thing. Its less then. I would not do that with a working animal, or any animal.

There is an old KD book, I have it somewhere. It states that they turned the corner with KD's when they stopped giving them meat, and only fed whole prey times. I totally agree with that.

Before I came along, meat was a common food item, and a common cause for failure.

Also, I recommended removing all the soil in the nesting area and replacing it with new, so you would not discourse between the male and female. This too is something that will lead to failure.

You sir, are required to help manage their relationship. You keep them in a small box, so you must understand where trouble can begin. While you went on and on about how bonded this pair is, they are not showing you, they are not that bonded. If it was a truly bonded pair, she would not protect the nest from th male.

Yours are about as good as it gets for a introduced later in life pair. And your task is to keep it that way. You may want to just move the box to another part of the cage.

Bonding is behavioral, and does not stay the same. The cage is always getting smaller, as they age. So you have to keep them sailing smooth. Sir, that is husbandry.

Its understanding this that is actual husbandry. and not, basic temps etc. That what you use to think about is behind you. Now you have working problems. What monitors do when they are successful. Sir, your only at the beginning.

It gets me that when I say something like, one female had 109 clutches. People think this and that. What I think is, man that is a whole friggin lot of management to keep that female going. Crazy amount of management. Insane I tell you.

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