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Re: Carla and lites.
Posted by: Carla (IP Logged)
Date: November 05, 2017 09:59AM

Thanks for the well wishes for John.

I have five individual hanging cord fixtures with 90 watt par 38 hallogen bulbs. These are white and beginning to show burn marks on the part where the bulbs screw in. These stay on 24/7.

I have an additional double fixture with the same bulbs that I turn on when boosting the heat during the daytime. Iím not using them much as it has been warm here.

This might seem like a lot of lights, but much of the heat goes up, of course, and the ceiling is 7 feet tall.

Am looking into the marine fixtures. Iíll be doing an upgrade (faux stone background for aesthetics) and when we get in there to do that, I want to change out the fixtures, churn up the dirt a bit and maybe add sod again. I also have a bank of four foot growlight fluorescents up 6 feet high, on a timer, that I got when trying to grow grass from seed the last time. It sprouted, but I think a new batch of crickets ate the young grass all in one night. As it literally disappeared overnight.

Summerdog luxuriated in the sod the last time, and it held humidity well, so I think it would be fun to experiment with it more.

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