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Re: For Sherie on feeding
Posted by: FR (IP Logged)
Date: November 06, 2017 10:02AM

You always do great, only I would have worded it backwards, from what you did, but then, I tend to live in this world a bit backwards, go figure.

I would have put, the base diet first, like whole rodents, birds, as a primary diet, but can also feed those other items from time to time. I have no experience with worms, but they indeed may be included in the base diet.

Also, I never dusted, calcium or vitamins, when feeding rodents, there is absolutely no need for that. Which can mean over time, dusting can contribute to problems. On the otherhand, its necessary with small monitors, with a cricket diet. Well not exactly necessary, but dang close.

With medium sized monitors, lets start with Flavis, as when they hatch some are too small for pinks, so they will eat crickets for a couple feedings, then on rodents for the rest of their lives. The medium to larger species, have no need for insects and they only hold them back.

For Sherie, if she is reading this. We set growth and reproduction records that have not ever been bettered or even reached with any other diet. That is, they can grow strong, fast, reproduce well etc, on only rodents. That does not mean you can't do what Carla does, Offer fun foods. I just want you to understand, those fun foods are LESS then, not more then.

Keepers like Carla and possibly you, think that a varied diet in an enrichment, when in fact its the opposite. Health wise. In Carlas case, that vaired diet can be a behavioral enrichment. And is fine.

On the otherhand, I try to support behavioral enrichment, in a normal for living animals way. A behavioral life of pairing, selecting mates, maintaining relationships and reproducing. Food for animals is not their life, it supports their life. That said, you can still have fun with it. Like Carlas Sav. Chasing her dog around. A giant mouse perhaps??? j/k.

If Sherie is reading this and I did not scare her away. All want here is to understand what they are normally. Then do what you want as a keeper, a pet, taming lap monitor, breeder, is all good, if the monitor is functioning at least normally.

Why the internet is so bad is, its often based on half alive monitors, or less, and particularly with Savannahs. They are kept in percentages of metabolism, rarely the metabolism that supports their full active lives.

Not sure I have said this already, As this may indeed scare you off, such wifestails as feeding live food makes them wild. hmmmmmmm no, they are wild, it may make them healthy and happy, which appears wild. Or hot temps makes them wild, again, it does support them to be what they are. Wild active, curious, fast creatures. But neither has a thing to do with how tame they will get. In order to actually tame an animal, it has to be full functioning. With monitors, they are so easy to tame, heck they want to be tame, they are social and need a social life, and that includes other species. So taming a full on wild monitor, well they tame themselves.

When not kept at normal full operating temps, they die, end of story, any animal not allowed to be at is operating temps will die. Sadly with monitors is a slow death, they die of FAT, as their metabolism is so low they store energy instead of using it. Etc. In effect, the advice given by most is, failure based husbandry. here is success based. What the keeper does with that success based husbandry is theirs to do.

Again if Sherie is reading this, to reproduce is the lowest level of success. its what any normal animal does. Below that is extinction. So all captive monitors, should be able to reproduce. And more, I explore their potential. But that is not required. Just the base normal ability to reproduce. That should be a law. please understand, it does not mean you have to produce offspring, its just the individuals should be able to. So with monitors, they will throw clutch after clutch at you, if you do not want offspring, don't hatch the eggs or even dig them up. Or only keep males. Ok, I need to put the coffee down and go take care of some animals.

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