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Moving forward with Welly
Posted by: Carla (IP Logged)
Date: November 05, 2017 04:39PM

With horses, there is dominance and submission. The herd mentality. The horse is always a prey animal and does not enjoy direct eye contact. To the horse, eye contact is predatory and evokes a prey response.

Monitors are predators, but often, at least in their youth, prey. So they are cautious, but can accept eye contact.

I’ve been trying to build a relationship with SD’s new companion, Welly.

Welly has been avoiding me like the plague.

Tonight, I saw Welly lurking in the tall grass in the enclosure, separate from Summerdog, who was basking. We made eye contact and Welly did not back away. She has begun to realize I am THE FOOD LADY.

In situations like this, when I want to feed her, I know I have to move quickly. Thawing a mouse/chick, is a 20 minute commitment, and in that time, Welly could easily be someplace inaccessible. (I went through this while winning over Kinky Frank as well.)

So, though I don’t feed egg a lot, and rarely cooked egg, I’m also an opportunist and I saw a chance.

Very quickly, I cracked an egg, added vitamins and calcium and zapped that thing for 45 seconds.

I cut it up and put it on a paper plate and went into the enclosure. Immediately Summerdog (who had just eaten 18, night crawlers, 18!!!!) came up to me and said “HELLO food lady whatcha got?”. So I put a big piece of egg in front of Welly, who actually moved forward—toward me, for the first time, tongue flicking, instead of backing up, like usual. Success.

But SD was not missing a thing and ALL OVER THIS and went charging into Welly’s lair. I had a paper plate full of egg in my left hand and tongs in my right but managed to collar SD with my right thumb and forefinger, tongs still in hand.

I was laughing my arse off because it was like in the cartoons, with SD’s feet going 100 miles per hour toward Welly and EGG, but making no progress, while Welly goes ‘Hmmm...egg...might eat it, taking her time’


Eventually, I redirected SD’s attention to the cool burrow with a big chunk o egg, and continued to feed Welly in situ.

It was like when I was teaching high school photography and had 6 kids in the dark rooom and 30 out in the classroom. Where should I direct my attention???

All ended well, with sweet Welly eating multiple egg pieces and really liking me. And SD, never losing awareness of “another lizard eating!!”, accepted tidbits in the burrow and SD eventually waddled off to bask a big fat belly.

And Welly loved me for the first time.

Peace in our valley.

Faithfully submitted,

PS. I know I’m over managing this situation. Do ya’ll just throw the food out and see what happens??? Even with a new leezard?

Edited 2 time(s). Last edit at 11/05/2017 05:17PM by Carla.

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