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You may post messages concerning captive bred and captive breeding monitor lizards.This is not a place to post animals for sale, wanted ads, or any other commercial material. Please only use pictures that you own. If you are using others pictures, credit must be given to the owner. All posts found in violation of these rules will be deleted, without discussion. 
Re: Moving forward with Welly
Posted by: FR (IP Logged)
Date: November 06, 2017 02:18PM

There is no question monitors like most animals understand eye contact With monitors they avoid it.. In the field, its very understood, do not stare at, or act with intent. like to hunt or Want. Or they run.

In your case, I am sure they look at you. I mean, you are not Threatening. Its how you are. So there are at ease with you. Other people, not so much. The only way for you to understand is pretend your a possum, then that ease turns to anger, and its a different feeling all together. Yet, the same you.

This see how much they can eat, has value. While you think your being fair, you are most likely teasing them. Until you KNOW how much they eat, you can't assume what you are assuming. Well you can, you would just be wrong.

In your case, all of this does not matter, as you treat them with respect, and curiosity. Why would they fear you. Even when you abuse them, for treatment etc. They still know your not a predator.

And yes, I think you get a little off, with your assumptions, of course I do. I am like you are with horses, only with monitors. It would be impossible to see them the same way. And, I have lots of field experience, like ten years worth. But, you will be fine, why, cause your you.

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