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You may post messages concerning captive bred and captive breeding monitor lizards.This is not a place to post animals for sale, wanted ads, or any other commercial material. Please only use pictures that you own. If you are using others pictures, credit must be given to the owner. All posts found in violation of these rules will be deleted, without discussion. 
Posted by: JOSHKING (IP Logged)
Date: November 06, 2017 04:30PM

Today I caught some potential breeding activity. Momma was out basking on her usual branch going up and seen big boy (sorry I need names for these two. When Kris Brown had the big guy his name was shogun)came out and was doing his head bobbing up at momma and I was waiting to see her take off back to her hide but she slowly made her way down to the ground where he was also rooting around looking for food probably as he knew I was standing there. Anyway she came down and went to him and he still going is head bobbing starting flicking the tongue around her vent area and then started scratching at her side and licking up her body to her head. Surprisingly she allowed it. I never did see a lock but they were certainly looking like they were about to. Sadly I had to go cuz was already running late but that’s what I seen today so who knows. She’s been eating daily quite a lot more than normal which is good. She ate two large rats today and two yesterday and some adult quail the days before that. So eating fantastic and basking a lot. They are back to being quite friendly. I did move her hide Frank over directly on the other side of enclosure from where it was before and have seen no aggressive activity since. They haven’t even really paid attention to the last nesting sight in fact were very close to it when I seen them “messing around”. Anyway just thought I would share. Let me know what ya think Frank. Or anything else I may need to change. Still considering adding some more substrate but Leary of it also.

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