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Re: Update
Posted by: FR (IP Logged)
Date: November 07, 2017 07:35AM

I am kinda getting the picture, you always feel you have to do something. You don't. Once its right, keep it right. That's all. Take all that energy and put it somewhere useful.

If there is reason you think you need to add more substrate, then tell us that reason. But that's not what your doing, your saying I think I should. Without offering any reason. Therefore, there is no way for me or others to give you advice.

If you have the energy, then make another cage/group like this one. you say you have other animals, but we hear nothing of them. Work with those until they are doing what these are doing. And if you STILL have more energy, then add another group, etc etc etc.

Like with the candling, you want to do something, To me, its easy, take that energy and make more eggs. But there is nothing you can do to eggs other then kill them. You only make sure the temps and humidity is right, and wait until they hatch. once you have lots of eggs in the incubator, some will be hatching at all times, and that gives you something to do.

All I want is to guide your energy to something useful, not stop it, I want you to be enthusiastic, I love that your wanting to make it better. But screwing with eggs does not make it better, it only makes it worse. Or screwing with something that's working, no not just working, working great.

for instance, the perfectly good eggs die. how will you feel? All you did to support those eggs will be for nothing. Just a dead baby monitor in an egg shell.

If I may, arrrrrggggggh and holy moly, why don't you take that flashlite and place it on your eye, right on it, with it on, and see how the hell you like it. Then think what it would be like for undeveloped eyes, that have no way to avoid or protect themselves. And yes, you should feel like shit for doing that. Sorry, for going on and on,

If I was your coach, I would tell you, your really good, look at all that work you have done, most would not do that. It would be considered too hard. But not for you. As your coach, I only need to point you in the right direction. Then let you run with it. So far, that has worked great. This time, with the eggs, I have to stop you from going in the wrong direction. You and I know what going in the wrong direction can result in. You can do that In the incubator room, you know, right or wrong direction. your job is to make sure it does not get too hot, too cold, too wet, or too dry. That's it.

As mentioned, in nature, those eggs are buried in the ground, no lite, no movement, secure and safe. No frogging candling.

Lastly, as far as I know from hatching thousands of eggs, they do not have a conscious, that is, they do not move, crawl, or have use of their mind. They can quiver, if poked. Which means, respond to pain. They stay that way, up until just before they hatch. Then they wake up, and quickly slit the egg.

I was very lucky, I had a female kingsnake that laid eggs without the white calcium layer, So I could see the embryos develop. I could watch them grow, develop scales, patterns etc. It was really cool. So that gave me an education, I may not have had if it was not for that female.

I fully understand I am old, but even those dang SIM containers are just people thinking they have to do something. Consider, when you dug up the eggs, what was it like? anything at all like a SIM container???? Well those monitors, and those eggs are designed to hatch where that female put them. In the dirt. In a hole in the ground, with all manner of bacteria etc etc, So why a SIM, easy enough, folks think they have to do something.

A normal egg box, is no more then a substrate, any one of many kinds, sand, perlite, vermic, moss, etc. In a little cave, that's dark and secure. Our only job is to do what that area in nature naturally does, that is, stay the right temps and humidity for the length of time the eggs need to hatch. And not get disturbed.

So why does the female guard the nest?????? easy, to keep the eggs from getting disturbed. And YOU are the one disturbing them. Get it???? By the way, how did that flashlite in your eye feel. and can you see???? hmmmmmmmm guess you will be reading this with one eye.

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