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You may post messages concerning captive bred and captive breeding monitor lizards.This is not a place to post animals for sale, wanted ads, or any other commercial material. Please only use pictures that you own. If you are using others pictures, credit must be given to the owner. All posts found in violation of these rules will be deleted, without discussion. 
Re: Update
Posted by: JOSHKING (IP Logged)
Date: November 07, 2017 03:27PM

Lol. I weld at work a lot so I know about bright lights in my eyes. And your right itís not pleasant. I didnít really think of it like that. But now I know and it wonít happen again. Trust me there. I would be devastated if I lost those eggs. For sure 100%. As far as adding idk it looks like theres less substrate in there now that all the leaves have been mixed in with it and itís more compacted now. But I know thereís no where for the substrate to go just deceiving looking at it. I donít want to mess anything up I have going. My other juveniles are still smaller but their getting close. I really donít mess with them much at all. Really try to leave them be. I feed them and heat them but am planning on building another walk in quite soon. My next project hopefully. My wife has me laying hard wood floor in our living room right now but Iím about done with that. Iím just not the type to just sit around. I have to be doing something thatís wjy I work a lot. I hear exactly what your saying and u are completely right. I donít want to mess up anything with that pair at all. They are doing great and back to being right up each otherís butts most the time. I guess I will have to start getting some pics together of my juveniles and figure out sexes or at least take an educated guess at them and get some more pairings going. Honestly havenít given them much thought with this pair keeping me on my toes but definitely wanting to pair some more up. I have 3 more that are around 7-8 months I think. I will get some pics and see what yíall think. And I appreciate u telling me how it is. Not beating around the bush. Thatís what I like about u and this forum. I need to figure out how I want the build this new walk in also so will be needing some ideas on that and really want to build a couple small enclosures for these hatchlings I hopefully have in a couple months. I canít make up my mind. I kind of wanted to make a couple with some faux neat backgrounds but wondering if I need to or if they need to be just simple easy to clean enclosures. Thoughts on that?? A trough? Or wooden or tank or whatís your thoughts on that?? Wonít mess with the eggs no more. Trust me. I donít want anymore chewings. Haha!!!

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