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With all this talk about cages and lites and such.
Posted by: FR (IP Logged)
Date: November 08, 2017 01:48PM

While JB did a wonderful job with those lites, We need to take a look at what a cage does.

With the current crop of newbies, and good ones at that. I get a fresh look at what it is to be a newbie these days.

As a designer, whatever we make must have a purpose. without a purpose, Well, we will never know how well it works.

So here we are talking cages. Their purpose is to enclose the animals, and support the animals, Plus look however the keeper wants it.

I try to be by function first. I believe I am responsible for Cattle troughs and their association with monitors. Not the first by any means, more about adapting them to work, being what is important. Also, price, as well I set them up, I set up something like 20 plus troughs. So price and a system was important.

So we talk troughs, tanks, custom cages etc. And for more then one species, like varanids.

for me the most important part of a cage is, how quick and easy can I change it. Big doors, and the ability to change out all within the cage.

With lites, folks here, want to make them fixed, which means they know what level, distance, etc will work. Heres the odd part, I am suppose to be the expert, yet, I have no dang idea what is the best distance. So I make lites I can move, etc. Or lately adjust up and down. And there is a current reason. In the old days, A bulb was a bulb. That is, a 45watt halogen put out X amount of heat, now a 70watt halogen is actually a 39watt. And tomorrow, it may be something else, so the ability to adjust the distance, becomes important.

or for people in cooler areas, I would think its very important, closer in winter, farther in summer etc. and without having to change anything, just adjust it.

Also as mentioned on FB, we will and I mean will, have other animals in these cages, Which means the animals can change, as its only a matter of time, So it would be advisable to make a cage that can also change. When new animals are in the cage.

I get the feeling its again understood backwards, Like a cage is a set item. and the animals vary. When in fact, the animals are a set item and the cage needs to vary to fit the animals.

If I was fancy dancy, I could motors on the lite system and adjust them with the push of a button. That would be easy enough. Too bad, I am not all that fancy dancy.

So, try to think about making cages that are versatile. Something easy to change as needed.

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