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New features? and Chat question
Posted by: loconorc (IP Logged)
Date: July 17, 2007 06:58PM

I just joined today, been a lurker for some time. Anywhoo, for quite a while when I come on, it says 'New features coming soon' on the front page. Anyone know what these are going to be?

About the chatroom... I've been on kingsnake's chat for some time now, and after my ban, apperently my Java is messed up. Both here and KS (although I am banned again) I get a gray box that says 'Welcome to the Chat!' (or something else, i dont recall exactly what it says lol). also, how active is the chat exactly? is it anywhere near the activity level of the KS chat? And MIRC... I am a member of a pokemon (dont laugh) chat, and some people there have MIRC. What exactly is it and how can I get it? Is it free?

Thanks for any replies! I'm likin' this place already! grinning smiley

Subject Views Written By Posted
  New features? and Chat question 1565 loconorc 07/17/2007 06:58PM
  Figured out one part of it.... 1145 loconorc 07/17/2007 07:36PM

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