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Varanus albigularis (white/black throat, cape monitor)

Young banded male white throat. Photo by Jeff Hoffman

Another shot of young banded white throat. Photo by Jeff Hoffman

3 young white throats. Photo by Jeff Hoffman

Whilethroat on a cork tube. Photo by Phil McDonie

Another shot of a whitethroat. Photo by Phil McDonie

Whitethroat. Photo by Phil Mcdonie

Hatchling Blackthroat. Photo by Erik Melander

Same Blackthroat as above six months later. Photo by Erik Melander

Close shot of a blackthroat's face. Photo by Mike Miller

Another shot of a young blackthroat. Photo by Mike Miller

An adult albig at the San Diego Zoo. Photo by Robert Bushner

Another San Diego Zoo albig. Photo by Robert Bushner




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